Travel ancient Peru in these gripping historical novels, from the Inca heartland of Cuzco and Machu Picchu, through Amazon jungle and across deserts to the Nasca Lines.

Inca Moon - Chronicle I

Fascinating reading!

I received Inca Moon Chronicles I and II as a gift from a friend. The adventures of the heroine, combined with vivid descriptions of ancient Inca culture and the landscape of Peru, made fascinating reading! Chronicle II is very fast paced with new twists and turns in every chapter and left me wanting more. Peru is definitely on my bucket list after reading these historical novels.

Exciting, instructive, and fun read!

Both Inca Moon chronicles are exciting. The adventures carry the reader through such vivid descriptions of Peru that one has the sense of being there and wanting to go there. These books are entertaining, instructive, and fun!

Excellent historical fiction

This is a fabulous (and fun) read for any fan of historical fiction. If you are interested in indigenous societies of the Americas, and if the Inca Empire has ever piqued your interest, you will really enjoy this book.

I read it in Cusco, Peru

Liked it quite a bit – since I read it while in Cusco, Peru, a lot of the locations resonated with me. Although there is a fair amount of history in the book about the Inca culture, it really stands on it’s own with the plot and action. Not appropriate for kids, since there are scenes that include man-man and woman-woman relationships, and it can get a bit graphic.

A pot-boiler, but well researched

I bought this book because I'm going to Peru and wanted some background on the Incas and the Sacred Valley. The Kindle doesn't have much to offer on the subject so this was it. It's not the kind of book I usually read - it's a high-action, often violent pot-boiler - but I actually quite liked it. It's well-written, the characters are well-developed and it is a page-turner. The best thing about it was the research the author has done. After reading it I felt I had a real familiarity with the landscape and customs of the Inca Empire.

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Inca Moon - Chronicle II

Well written – feel you are there

Excellent historical novel – seamless from Chronicle I. You can tell that the author has researched and visited each site that is portrayed in this series. Well written – you feel you’re walking in the clouds on the highest peaks or in the humid rainforest or in the bustling cities and towns. The dress and mannerisms – the customs of the areas are well described and interplay in the heroine’s travels. I’m nearly finished Chronicle II – I wish there was a third, a fourth, etc. I hope you enjoy it as much as I have.

Adventure story across the Inca Empire

Inca Moon and this sequel Inca Moon Chronicle II takes readers on a series of adventures of a female spy across the Incan empire before the Spanish arrived. While the Incan empire lasted only about 150 years, it ran from Ecuador to Chile, from the Pacific coast, over the Andean highlands to the Amazonian jungles. And Inca Moon, the central character, takes the reader with her on missions through all the climates, cultures and customs that made up this part of the world. After reading these books, a modern day traveller can get a grasp of what it was like. It mixes exotic quests, romance and plausible historical fiction for those looking for a fun read. And for the e-book price, what is there not to like?

A Rousing Action Adventure

On one level this is a thrilling adventure story complete with assassins, heroes and heroines, spies, evil-doers and royalty. On another level the book can be enjoyed as historical fiction that portrays a land and its people... familiarity with the Andean landscape is clearly evident in the imagery and visual scenes painted throughout the book.

Indianna Jones meets Wonder Woman in Qori Qoyllur

This sequel is an action adventure tightly woven with the detailed fabric of life in the Inca Empire... leads the reader from the heart of... the Inca realm, to its outskirts and back again... a fun and informative read!

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