Geography and history come alive as these sprawling action-adventures transport readers to the
Andes Mountains and Inca civilization with stunning authenticity.





Inca Moon - Chronicle I

Excellent historical fiction

This is a fabulous (and fun) read for any fan of historical fiction. If you are interested in indigenous societies of the Americas, and if the Inca Empire has ever piqued your interest, you will really enjoy this book.

A pot-boiler, but well researched

I bought this book because I'm going to Peru and wanted some background on the Incas and the Sacred Valley. The Kindle doesn't have much to offer on the subject so this was it. It's not the kind of book I usually read - it's a high-action, often violent pot-boiler - but I actually quite liked it. It's well-written, the characters are well-developed and it is a page-turner. The best thing about it was the research the author has done. After reading it I felt I had a real familiarity with the landscape and customs of the Inca Empire.

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Inca Moon - Chronicle II

A Rousing Action Adventure

On one level this is a thrilling adventure story complete with assassins, heroes and heroines, spies, evil-doers and royalty. On another level the book can be enjoyed as historical fiction that portrays a land and its people... familiarity with the Andean landscape is clearly evident in the imagery and visual scenes painted throughout the book.

Indianna Jones meets Wonder Woman in Qori Qoyllur

This sequel is an action adventure tightly woven with the detailed fabric of life in the Inca Empire... leads the reader from the heart of... the Inca realm, to its outskirts and back again... a fun and informative read!

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