Geography and history come alive as these sprawling action-adventures transport readers to the Andes Mountains and Inca civilization with stunning authenticity.

Inca Moon - Chronicle I

The story begins with murder, and a journey into the secret heart of a vast land where demigods rule millions in one of the most majestic, brutal, and tragic empires of the ancient world. This is a tale of courage and intrigue, ruthless ambition, and devotion betrayed. With the heroine Qori Qoyllur we travel through deserts, mountains, and jungles, face armies and assassins, experience the pomp and rituals of a vanished world.

Inca Moon - Chronicle II

A fast-paced historical adventure set in the South American Andes during the Inca Empire. Events unfold in what is today Ecuador and Peru. With her brother's life in the balance, the Inca heroine Lady Qori Qoyllur is forced to serve and protect her arch-enemy on a perilous quest for a legendary emerald. With Qori we journey through deserts, mountains and jungles in search of the secret temple.